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Sep 25, 2009 12:25 am

Israeli "Sovereignty" & US Power

VP Joe Biden has recently stated that because Israel is"sovereign" it certainly can bomb Iran if it wishes, since the US simply cannot interfere with such a splendid concept. This ignores, of course, the fact that Israel is the Number One recipient of American aid, especially of military equipment. The tail wagging the dog continues!
Take a look at the Report done by students at MIT. The pictures of modern US weapons used by the Israelis tells it all.
Meanwhile the US & Russia discuss cutting back on their massive nuclear arsenals and delivery systems!
Below is the Conclusion of the Report:

The foregoing assessment is far from definitive in its evaluation of Israeli military potential. However it does seem to indicate that the IAF, after years of modernization, now possesses the capability to destroy even well-hardened targets in Iran with some degree of confidence. The operation appears to be no more risky than the earlier attack on Osirak and provides at least as much benefit in terms of delaying Iranian development of nuclear weapons. This benefit might not be worth the operational risk and political cost. Nonetheless, this analysis demonstrates that Israeli leaders have access to the technical capability to carry out the attack. The question then becomes one of will and individual calculation. Other priorities, such as the election of Hamas to the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, the turmoil surrounding the Israeli leadership, and the Iranian leader's recent statements about Israeli existence, may take precedence.
More generally, this assessment illustrates the utility of precision-guided weapons for counterproliferation. Assuming that the intelligence is available to identify targets of interest, precision-guided weapons can fill an important role of destroying the target with increased confidence, leading to smaller strike packages and lower risk to personnel and equipment. While limitations still exist, especially in the case of hardened targets, precision-guided weapons have become extremely capable, particularly when strike aircraft are confronted by relatively low-quality air defense. The use of precision strike for counterproliferation should therefore not be discounted lightly."

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mary lili jory - 8/16/2009

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Nathan Snail - 7/11/2009

a recent article written by a fairly reputable news source, seems to indicate that the IR marker beacons the U.S. has used in lieu of the laser designation by Special Forces personnel or ground assets, have been 'routinely and indiscriminately tossed around rooftops' in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The net result is carnage and murder of innocent civilians who had nothing to do with any kind of resistance to the U.S. INVADING FORCES who are being repelled much in the same way the Continental Army repelled the British during our fight for independence from the Crown.

so, I have to say that Biden's assertions about precision guidance are the equivalent of me opening fire on any busy street with an M-60 machine gun, under the premise that; "hell, I'll kill at least two or three potential terr'ists" b.s. concept. There is no such thing as 'collateral damage' to the family of persons indiscriminately butchered by SMART MUNITIIONS the U.S. or ISRAEL uses in any of it's CONTRIVED, UNJUST WARS

Alan - 7/8/2009

He passed away shortly after writing this, the same day.


COLINDALE - 7/7/2009

A U.S decision to allow its proxy to attack Iran could well prove to be the start of WWIII and the worst foreign policy error of the 21st century. Once those ICBMs are fired from Israel, with or without nuclear warheads, then, arguably, everyone living today will suffer the consequences.
From Alaska to Mexico and from London to Oman and Karachi – the world will have years to reflect on our stupidity and the arrogance of our elected representatives.

Iran’s response to an unprovoked attack, will be to close the Straits of Homuz meaning the price of oil globally will double or quadruple; stock markets around the world will crash; Iranian cells in the US and Europe will activate; Iran will fire long-range missiles at Israel; Israel will retaliate with a nuclear strike and the entire Middle East will be contaminated including the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The subsequent consequences are anybody’s guess - but the world will never be the same again and every family, everywhere, will have to bear the cost of scarce oil, sky-high prices and falling investment values.
Then add to this scenario the massive loss of life and radiation sickness.
All this because one man indulged in rhetoric! What do you believe the attitude of the international community will be to the party who initiates this frightening new conflict?