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Jan 18, 2005 6:25 pm

Terror Detainees & America's Gulag

With all of the attention to Sy Hersh's new piece at The New Yorker, some of you may have missed this article at theCSM.

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Gary McGath - 1/19/2005

I'm surprised that the article mentioned the echo of Orwell's Room 101 in the name "Camp 6," but not the even stronger echo of the TV show, "The Prisoner," in which Patrick McGoohan played a prisoner called only "Number Six" in a prison "Village" run by an unknown party.

Max Swing - 1/19/2005

That's what the "backwards" Europeans have said for a few years now (albeit not the politicians, cause they are "Newsspeak"-people :P). Perhaps they have learned more from their colonial age, then America in the last 100 years of foreign engagements...
Perhaps it takes another world war for the US government to reconsider their stance. I hope not, I sincerely hope not. But, politicians only learn when their own houses burn...

William Marina - 1/19/2005

The CIA has called the actions of many opposing the American Empire, as "Blowback," which obviously suggests that the US did something first.
Our actions are increasingly creating a unified, global Blowback, in which our politicians have come to believe that the answer is to take away the rights of Americans at home, while conducting wars abroad.

Max Swing - 1/19/2005

I don't mean the war of the United States in Iraq this time, but the Jihad against the Western world. How should they not be frightened and enraged by such practice. Must they not believe that the so-called liberty is only a facade? Don't we give them all the justification they need to attack us, because they can see us as babarians, who offer truth but treat them with lies?

of course, this is punched over the line a long way, but still this is a good-point and should give us something to think about...