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Jan 14, 2005 3:14 pm

Re: Apology Accepted. Apology Extended

I would like in turn to thank Wendy McElroy for her gracious reception of our apology, as well as for her own counter-apology, which I am likewise very happy to accept. I am proud to count her as a colleague, and relieved that any bad feelings have been avoided or amended.

In my earlier agitated frame of mind I neglected to say -- I am also sorry to hear about Joan Kennedy Taylor's poor health. My best wishes are with her.

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Jeanine Ring - 1/14/2005

Besides, Msr. Long... if you want to construct a term a denote anti-lesbian demonization, you should really have used the term "Fuschia Menace" instead of "Lavender Menace." Lavender is properly associated with the general gay pride movement, as the combination of pink and blue, and is sex neutral; some bisexuals use lavender, pink, and blue as an inclusive symbol for 'bi pride'. Fuschia is the colour of preference for association with lesbianism, and sometimes women's movement culture in general.

my regards,

Jeanine Ring )(*)(
confessed agent of the Neon Red Menace

(sorry, I'm kind of obsessive about colours. I'm trying to get the associations right for a 'sex worker pride' flag myself...)