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Jul 1, 2009 9:14 am

Climate Change Rip Off

How do you get climate change legislation through Congress that will do nothing to change the climate but will cause even more job loss, double some people’s electricity bills, and enrich the likes of Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi as well as others in the know? You suppress information and you buy votes at $3.5 billion a pop.

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Keith Halderman - 7/2/2009

The article you link to states that "an argument against global warming, which wasn't requested by anyone at the agency." Of course none of the higher ups at Obama's EPA want anyone to dispute their politicized science because they do not care whether or not the temperture is actually rising or falling. All they care about is that Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and other elites make money off of poor people with cap and trade. If it is acknowledged that it is actually getting cooler how will they be able to do that?

Back in the 1980s we told by the global warming religious cult that Washington DC area would be under water by 2010. Seems pretty dry and relatively cool here to me.

I would have been more impressed with your article if it attempted to refute the memo point by point instead of just the usual name calling. Why won't Al Gore debate the English Lord who keeps challenging him? Why is it that no one who does not believe in man made global warming is allowed to testify before Congress? My area of expertise is drug policy and I know very well when debate is being completely avoided because one side has nothing but popular widespread ignornance.

Jonathan Dresner - 7/1/2009

by reviewing and refuting junk pseudoscience?