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Jan 14, 2005 1:58 pm

Apology Accepted. Apology Extended

I fully accept the apology offered by Roderick Long, and I thank both Long and Johnson for changing the term they use in the essay. I extend my apologies to both of them for my initial post, which -- at one point -- implied dishonesty on their part. Clearly, I was wrong. They have behaved in an honorable and gracious fashion with which I can find no fault. Indeed, I find quite the opposite. As far as I am concerned, the incident was a misunderstanding and I intend to conduct myself toward Long and Johnson as though it never happened.

Please allow me to extend thanks on behalf of Joan, as well. I have not been contacting her about the matter because of the poor state of her health and my desire not to upset her unduly. Your substitution for the term Lavendar Menace means that no upsetting news is likely to reach her about our exchange. For that, I am also grateful.

Your colleague, Wendy McElroy

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Roderick T. Long - 1/14/2005

I would like in turn to thank Wendy McElroy for her gracious reception of our apology, as well as for her own counter-apology, which I am likewise very happy to accept. I am proud to count her as a colleague, and relieved that any bad feelings have been avoided or amended.

In my earlier agitated frame of mind I neglected to say -- I am also sorry to hear about Joan Kennedy Taylor's poor health. My best wishes are with her.