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Jan 12, 2005 3:47 pm

More on Armstrong Williams

The following are three appropriate responses to the revelation that Armstrong Williams - the well-known black conservative TV and radio host -- pocketed $240K+ from the Dept. of Education to push the No child Left Behind act.

First, from conservative columnist Michele Malkin, a piece entitled"this Column is Not For Sale." As Malkin states,"There are no shades of gray about this, friends: the Bush Education Department subsidized a prominent minority conservative `journalist' with federal taxpayer dollars to sell black parents on the Teddy Kennedy-inspired No Child Left Behind boondoggle -- a program that represents the largest single expansion in federal education spending since Jimmy Carter created the Education Department." Point of correction: Williams is a commentator, not a journalist. But Malkin's main thrust is correct: Williams has cast a shadow on every conservative media person and, arguably, upon media people in general.

Second, after being dropped by syndicate Tribune Media Services, various papers have also dropped the now self-syndicating Williams.

Third, editorial cartoonists have weighed in: Robert Ariail, Chip Bok; and, Khalil Bendib.

And, then, there are inappropriate responses: for example, from the White House. This from Blue Lemur,"Armstrong Williams, the columnist paid $240,000 by the Bush Administration to surreptitiously promote Bush's"No Child Left Behind Law" remained listed on the White House website as a member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowships as late as Wednesday, RAW STORY has learned."

For more commentary, please see McBlog.

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M.D. Fulwiler - 1/12/2005

She's right on this issue, but I'll never forgive her for her brain dead defense of sending Japanese Americans to concentration camps. She may not be on the take from the GOP, but she's very quick to justify the denial of liberty to many, many innocent people.