Jun 28, 2009 11:02 pm


Italy must be in a desperate shape if it can no longer afford to keep Youssef Magied al-Molqui in prison. But maybe I am being too harsh. The Italians may have decided that 23 years in jail sufficed and it is time to release him for"good behavior" which proved that he was rehabilitable. Indeed, they have already begun to do so in April when they released him from prison and sent him to indoctrinate illegal immigrants they were holding in Sicily.

At the time his victim's daughters protested

We were furious with the Italian court's short sentencing at the time, and we are outraged to now learn that he will be leaving prison early for"good behavior." [TSB note: That all that good. In 1996, Al-Moqui failed to return to prison from a furlough and skipped out of Italy to Spain, where he was recaptured a month later.] There should be no good behavior clause for terrorist murderers. This is a travesty.>

Well, what do they know? After all, according to AP he is just another run of the mill Palestinian hijacker.

Forget the fact that he was CONVICTED of executing in cold blood a handicapped elderly man and then"ordering him to be dumped in the sea while in his wheelchair."

Apparently, Italian generosity does not extend to letting him roam around their own country. Oh, no, they send him to Syria so that he can be seen to assure young Jihadis that there is no Palestinian crime odious the West would not ultimately forgive and forget especially when it comes to killing of Jews.

And, yes, Leon Klinghoffer was a relative, albeit a distant one.

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