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Jan 9, 2005 4:56 am

Cliopatriarchs at the AHA

From left to right: Greg Robinson, Ralph Luker, Tim Burke, Jonathan Dresner. Picture by Rick Shenkman.

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C. H.L. George - 1/10/2005

Do you think it says something about their desire to assert their masculinity?

Sharon Howard - 1/10/2005

Several male academic historians who've played key roles in my career to date give the impression of hair inexorably migrating from top of head to bottom of face. But to the extent that they have head hair, yes it is brown... And one has a splendid goatee, entirely appropriate for a historian of the 17th century (as well as for contemplative stroking).

BTW, At the British political blog The Virtual Stoa, Chris Brooke is pondering the politics of facial hair and wondering if it's really true that there were no beards at all in the Cabinet between 1931 and 1997. (Since when there have been several - most of whom seem to have been sacked or resigned quite spectacularly, a bit of a setback for the Conspiracy. Maybe academia is still the only real refuge of the beardie, so we'll be safe for a while yet...)

Julie A Hofmann - 1/9/2005

Yep --- it appears that brown hair and beard (mostly goatees) is a uniform of sorts for about 60% of the male conference attendees. Is this an academic thing, or a history thing, do you think?

Jonathan Dresner - 1/9/2005

As we say at the ClioSeder, Next Year in Philadelphia!

Robert KC Johnson - 1/9/2005

Ditto to Manan's comment!

Manan Ahmed - 1/9/2005

now, i wish i had been there. if only to provide the clean-shaven corrective.

Jonathan Dresner - 1/9/2005

Yes, all the time we save shaving goes into our efforts toward world domination.

Sharon Howard - 1/9/2005

But what about the Men With Facial Hair Conspiracy?

Brian Ulrich - 1/9/2005

I am no longer frightened of the Cliopatriarch conspiracy.

mark safranski - 1/9/2005


I always suspected that the AHA was some kind of obscure front group for bearded men but I never imagined that they had their own secret language as well....

C. H.L. George - 1/9/2005

None of you look at all like I'd imagined.