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Jan 8, 2005 10:04 am

Exploring 4th Generation Warfare?

The Army is preparing a review of our policy in Iraq. Maybe they can get William Lind as a part of the team! No doubt Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo will offer great recommendations on his behalf.

To read the story, U.S. General to Review Policy, Iraq Training, click here.

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Geoffrey Allan Plauche - 1/10/2005

My other comments notwithstanding, I too find Lind's work interesting and useful.

William Marina - 1/10/2005

Stay tuned for my next comments on Mr. Lind's work. He tells us that FGWar can only take place within a context of a FGWorld, and urges us to go back to the 14th century.
Since Raimondo accued me of being not of this Earth, right now I am whirling back thru time-space, hoping I don't get the Black Plague!

M.D. Fulwiler - 1/10/2005

Well, I find Lind interesting and would read his columns even if they were not carried on libertarian sites. My two cents...

William Marina - 1/9/2005

Hi Chris & Geoffrey,
Yes, the death squads are like the Phoenix Program in Vietnam and what we did in Nicaragua.
The really bad news is, we have never really stopped doing it. A Prof. friend of mine heard from one of his former graduate students, who had done this kind of stuff in 'Nam. In he was called back to do this kind of sniper assassination work in Afghanistan.
I'm pretty certain that will remain a part of our counter-insurgency warfare as it was in the Philippines, whatever part of Mr. Lind's 4th Generation Warfare the military might adopt.
Oh well, all part of "Rational Warfare," right!
Bill Marina

Geoffrey Allan Plauche - 1/9/2005

I'd rather not find out...but probably much lower.

As I recently commented in Mr. Marina's previous post:

It seems to me that his critics are missing his main point on Lind. (I'm not saying Mr. Marina is right here, though I think he might be.) It seems to me that he sees Lind as writings handbooks for the US military that they will be able to use in war to more effectively defeat insurgents (not just terrorists but any and all insurgents). I've read some of Lind's stuff, so I can't say definitively if this is true, but from what I have read it seems at least plausible. Might Lind's research be used effectively by freedom fighters? Most certainly. But is his work primarily for freedom fighters or for the US military? That is the question.

I too find the idea of giving any State military better strategies and tactics for squashing insurgencies very disturbing. Such strategies and tactics will only make State warfare more effective. And don't be surprised when the State turns these strategies and tactics on freedom loving individuals at home and abroad! Contra Raimondo, it is not pacifism to be worried about that.

chris l pettit - 1/9/2005

how atrocious is the news that we are exploring death squads like those used in Nicaragua and El Salvador? The ICJ has already denounced the US on the issue and it is totally illegal. This administration has sunk to the level of much lower can it go?