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Jun 25, 2009 11:50 am

Recent Themes on Historians and the Public -- Edited by Donald A. Yerxa

[From the Publisher:]

This title presents original discussions on the public role of history and historians from a pantheon of notable experts."Recent Themes on Historians and the Public" represents some of the best recent writing on the public role of historians. These articles and interviews from"Historically Speaking" examine the relationship between historians and their audiences. Award-winning 'popular historian' Adam Hochschild begins by discussing the relationship between popular and academic history. An all-star cast of historians and editors offer their responses, forming a fascinating extended conversation. This forum addresses questions such as what the public role of the historian should be and whether practicing history requires a license. In addition the book contains a candid exchange about the state of the history profession at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Designed to engage both students and general readers,"Recent Themes on Historians and the Public" illuminates the controversy over the role of historians in the public sphere. The contributors are Eric Arnesen, H. W. Brands, John Demos, Joseph J. Ellis, John Ferling, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Ellen Fitzpatrick, Thomas Fleming, James Goodman, Adam Hochschild, Bruce Kuklick, John Lukacs, Joyce Lee Malcolm, Louis P. Masur, Wilfred M. McClay, Greg Neale, Maureen Ogle, William Palmer, Leo P. Ribuffo, Joyce Seltzer, Daniel Snowman, Barry Strauss, Marc Trachtenberg, Derek Wilson, John Wilson, and Jay Winik.

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