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Jan 3, 2005 9:41 am

History Carnivals!

As Ralph has noted, Claire has posted the latest issue of Carnivalesque, the Early Modern Blog Carnival here and here. But something this tasty won't spoil for a second mention.

Now, wearing my other occasional hat as the Carnival's Mistress of Misrule, would anyone like to volunteer to host a future issue? All that's required is an interest in early modern history - ie, the period c.1500-1800 (C.E.), and your own blog (well, preferably - we could find somewhere for you to guest at a pinch). It comes out about every 2 months and the next will be in early March. Check out the Carnivalesque link above for the previous issues and examples of other blog carnivals if you want to see what's involved. You can contact me at

And the success of the early modern version suggests to me that it's high time to inaugurate a broader

History Carnival!!

Scientists do it, philosophers do it, Christians do it, even cat-bloggers do it... so why not us? Right now we're all recovering from the holidays - and that includes me - so I'm thinking fortnightly-ish from mid-January. I will take on the first instalment (either here or at one of my other places), with a formal request for submissions in about a week's time. So, start thinking about your favourite history blog posts from the last few weeks and looking out for the best of the new year. They won't have to be long or scholarly; the only rules I'll impose are that they should contain your own writing (rather than just lists of links, say) and substantially historical, or historiographical, content.

Secondly, in order to work, this will also need future hosts. As many as possible. It's up to you, blogging historians, to make it work. I don't have time to keep doing it (although I'm happy to set up a co-ordinating page), and besides a large part of the idea is that a carnival should circulate among a variety of hosts.

Thirdly, can anyone think of a more interesting name? 'History Carnival' is fine really, but if you have any other ideas...

Update: I have three volunteer hosts so far, which gets us at least to the end of February (if it runs fortnightly), and one suggested name - Historivale - which I like (but there's still time for anyone who thinks they can do better to come up with suggestions...). I have also set up a page at to carry the news and information once we get things going. (Don't get excited, there's really nothing there yet. And it won't be as pretty as the Tangled Bank page either.)

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Jonathan Dresner - 1/3/2005

It's ok, but I would suggest that perhaps, in the interests of people finding the Carnivals with some ease, that a cute name nobody knows is not superior to "History Carnival"

Rob D. Priest - 1/3/2005

It's a great idea, and I am perfectly willing to host it on my own domain ( My blog ( isn't exactly high-profile, but I do have *fairly* (but not extremely) hefty monthly bandwidth allowance.

Let me know if you need me (e-mail rob at ifanything dot org), and in the meantime I'll check back through my own posts to see if I have anything worth contributing to the current one.

C. H.L. George - 1/3/2005

What a great idea. I'm happy to host issue 3 or 4.

Sharon Howard - 1/3/2005

Hey, that's good.

(But more nominations are still welcome, folks.)

Sharon Howard - 1/3/2005

Thanks ever so much, Ralph. Who'd like to be next? It'd be great to have at least one or even two more names to get balls rolling and create some illusion of organisation (preferably without the use of blackmail and intimidation, although I will happily stoop to wheedling and sycophancy)...

Ralph E. Luker - 1/2/2005

Sharon, If you'll do it the first time, I'll do it at Cliopatria the second time around.

Manan Ahmed - 1/2/2005