Jun 22, 2009 2:33 pm


The latest chant:

"natarseen, natarsee, ma hameh baham hasteem."

"be not afraid, be not afraid, we are all together."

And then at the end they shout"down with the dictator."

Well, not only are there reports of peaceful gatherings but signs that unions are joining the protest, thus putting their livelihoods on the line. A general bus strike could paralyze the country.

Iranian Bus drivers join the resistance I doubt they are doing it on their own. This may signal a turning point as Marxist (a traditionally strong element in Iran that helped the Islamist 1979 revolution)are getting ready for a general strike. Already, they are reports that Iran Khodro Auto Workers Begin Work Slowdown

In recent days we have witnessed the passionate presence of millions of women and men, the old and the young, and ethnic and religious minorities in Iran, people who want their government to recognize their most basic right, the right to freely, independently, and transparently elect, a right that in most societies around the world is not only recognized officially but for whose protection no effort is neglected. . . .

The fact that the demands of the vast majority of Iranian society go far beyond those of unions is obvious to all, and in the previous years we have emphasized that until the principle of the freedom to organize and to elect is not materialized, any talk of social freedom and labor union rights will be a farce.

Given these facts, the Autobus Workers Union places itself alongside all those who are offering themselves in the struggle to build a free and independent civic society. The union condemns any kind of suppression and threats.

To recognize labor-union and social rights in Iran, the international labor organizations have declared the Fifth of Tir (June 26) the international day of support for imprisoned Iranian workers as well as for the institution of unions in Iran. We want that this day be viewed as more than a day for the demands of labor unions to make it a day for human rights in Iran and to ask all our fellow workers to struggle for the trampled rights of the majority of the people of Iran.

With hope for the spread of justice and freedom,

Autobus Workers Union

A Twitter reports: Kurdish organization's and HR activists in Iran announced for next Tuesday general strike in all Kurdish cities.

A letter out of Iran claims that a general strike is on tomorrow:

All workers and government and non-government workers, except workers of hospitals, health centers and fire-fighting agencies, are therefore requested not to attend their jobs on Tuesday, the 2nd of the month of Tir [ed. June 23, 2009].

Strike in Iran from Tuesday is gaining momentum. VOA has had Abadan oil workers call in to say strikes start from Tuesday #iranelection

Apparently, Mousavi called for it and the regime is worried. Lets hope it has the reason to do so.

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