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Dec 31, 2004 1:00 pm

Howard N. Meyer: Fact Checking Required

To the Editor:

Professor Posner's column ("All Justice, Too, is Local," December 30) lards with purported facts, his negative opinions about the International Court of Justice. (ICJ)

It is a simple fact, albeit not very well known here, that in the aftermath of the decision in the Nicaragua case, the ICJ emerged from decades of neglect and has had a full calendar since 1987.

That change in the attitude of the world (minus U.S. administrations) has been widely credited for its having shown that "even a superpower is not above the law."

And that the Court's judgment in Nicaragua had some merit can be seen in the ill-remembered fact that the conduct of the U.S. had (prior to judicial review) been condemned as unlawful by Senators Goldwater and Moynihan.

Howard N Meyer

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