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Jun 20, 2009 3:18 pm


Excellent summary of where we are now: It seems (my opinion only) that agent provocateurs have caused violence (burning of a building; suicide bombing in mosque), attributed it to the Mousavi forces and the excuse for the massive police crack down has been found. Andrew Sullivan is has the latest mainly from the twitters and so does Nico Pitny from the Guardian. For analysis of the internal Iranian state of affairs see Michael Ledeen's So, now, it's Saturday in Iran. Mousavi wrote a letter (rough translation) enumerating his complains. It's all about commitment and grit now.

Latest video of clashes. BBC added satellite space to their Persian channel. This time they are on the right side. Listen to the gun shots in the first one -

"Death to Khamenie"

IRAN EXPERT AFSHIN MOLAVI 'Khamenei Has Never Seen a Crisis Like This'

Molavi: I think the Obama administration should not actively take a political side in the internal struggle. However, it should speak out against egregious human rights violations. Their initial reaction has been a little too tepid. But in my view, it is not just about Obama: I get the sense from Iranian cyberspace that they are very keen on hearing from global civil society. They want people around the world to stand in solidarity with them. One idea floating around is that people from Berlin, Paris, London, Cairo, or Washington, or wherever in the world, do one simple thing: wear green, which was the color of Mousavi's campaign, and has become the color of justice for Iranians. I think global civil society will have a far bigger impact than Obama could.

In any case, Obama may be too busy with telling fathers how to parent but the Iranian diaspora and their sympathisers are speaking out, G-d bless them:

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