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Jun 19, 2009 5:31 pm


It originated in Iran Petition to the UNO and the EU

Petition for the release of all Iranians, particularly the university students, who have been inhumanely and unlawfully arrested across Iran since the June 12, 2009 Iranian presidential elections and the ensuing nation-wide demonstrations!

This one originated in Germany STOP THE BOMB! Cut off trade with the Iranian regime

Those who trade with the unpredictable Iranian regime are supporting the oppression of the Iranian people, international terrorism, the nuclear armament of Iran, anti-Semitic hate crimes, as well as Holocaust denial.

We call on German companies:

to stop all trade that supports the regime We call on the German federal government:

to impose unilateral sanctions to stop such trade

to drive effective and comprehensive sanctions by the UN and the EU

to support all groups both in Iran and in exile that stand for human rights, individual freedom, gender equality and a secular democracy

to immediately ban Hezbollah

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