Jun 19, 2009 3:54 pm


I hope Barack Obama takes the time to read Ayatollah Khamenei's speech. He would find it most educational. For the Supreme Leader, as Obama likes to call him, has not directed his rhetorical fire at his most forthright detractors, France and Germany. No, he directed them, as he always did and would have done if Obama had been more forthright in his response, at the United States. If president Obama hoped his"tepid" response would undermine Khamenei's ability to posit America as the enemy (second, of course, to the Zionists), he was wrong. In other words, he betrayed American values in a manner that disgusted the editors of the Egyptian government daily Al Ahram and got"Death to America" chants in return.


Because his offer of a finger merely brought about the demand for the entire hand:

Changes in words are not adequate; although we have not seen much of a change there either. Change must be real. I would like to say this to US officials, that this change that you talk about is a real necessity; you have no other choice, you must change. If you do not change, then divine traditions will change you, the world will change you. You must change, but this change cannot be in words only. It should not come with unhealthy intentions. You may say that you want to change policies, but not your aims, that you will change tactics. This is not change. This is deceit.

There can be true change, which should be seen in action. I advise US officials, whoever is the decision-maker in the United States, whether the President, Congress, or others, that the US Government has not worked to the benefit of the American people. Today, you are hated in the world. You should know this, if you do not already. Nations set fire to your flag. Muslim nations across the world chant"Death to America."

(People chant:"Death to America")

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