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Clearly, Israelis part of the core, not gap.

The Nasdaq and global stock market boom is likely to boost growth in Israel to 4.5-5 percent in 2004, an excellent jumping off point for 2005, GLOBES reported. Previous growth estimates for 2004 were just over 4 percent. The Central Bureau of Statistics will publish revised estimates for 2004 growth this week. Senior economic officials expect business product to rise 6.2 percent in 2004, compared with 1.7 percent growth in 2003. According to previous estimates, GDP will grow 3.2 times more in 2004 than in 2003. GDP fell by 3.4 percent between September 2000 and December 2002.

American venture capital fund Greylock Management is looking to open an office in Israel, THE MARKER.COM reported. Previously, Greylock invested in Israeli companies from its American headquarters. Its recipients have been ClearForest, HyperRoll and AtHoc. Greylock, established in 1965, is one of the oldest venture capital funds in Silicon Valley. It currently manages $2.2.billion in 11 funds.

Moreover, it is doing its best to help shrink the gap.

Israeli youth movement seeks integration of minorities Members of the Israeli youth movement 'Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed' volunteer by working with their peers in small Bedouin and Druze villages around the country - with an emphasis on equal rights and full integration into Israeli society. For more, see the most invaluable website Israel 21C - A focus beyond the conflict

Hundreds flock to first Jewish and Arab conference for busineswomen

Yesterday, Abu Roken came to Haifa, along with another 300 women, to attend the first national conference of Jewish and Arab businesswomen, organized by the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development in conjunction with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

But it is in science, technology and invention that Israel excells.

Israeli researchers prove feasibility of infrared cameras in cell phones

Imagine using your cell phone to take your temperature, see who's lurking in the dark, or identify explosives in a package. All you need is an infrared camera integrated into your cell phone. And Israeli research now shows that the technology already exists to build such a device.

Israeli technology creates American virtual cities Tel Aviv-based GeoSim Systems is helping the University of Pennsylvania create a 3-D virtual model of the campus that could revolutionize everything from the way in which prospective students 'visit' the campus to the way in which architects plan for the school's future. Come take a tour.

Israel wins 5 medals at German Inventors Association exhibit Israeli inventors came away with five medals, including two gold medals, at the 56th IENA Nuremberg, the international exhibition of ideas, inventions and new products.

The winners of The Wall Street Journal's 2004 Technology Innovation Awards competition have been announced. Innovators world-wide were considered.

The Gold award went to Sun Microsystems Inc of California for a wireless approach to chip design.

The Silver award went to Given Imaging Ltd of Yoqneam, Israel for 'PillCam', a tiny camera that patients swallow so that doctors can see their digestive tract.

The Bronze award went to InSightec Image Guided Treatment Ltd. of Tirat Carmel, Israel for 'ExAblate 2000', a nonsurgical way to destroy tumors by focusing ultrasound waves on them.

From a world-wide search, Israel took two of the top three places. This should be celebrated by us and brought to the attention of the press world-wide.

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