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Dec 22, 2004 8:34 am

The Future? EPIC in 2014

Here's a very cool website to check out. It takes about 8 minutes, but if you're at all interested in the intersection of media, technology, and blogging, as well as futuristic scenarios, it will be well worth it. I'm curious to see what L&P contributors and readers think of how plausible this is as a possible future. (Hat tip, Jonah Goldberg.)

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Max Swing - 12/22/2004

This looks good, although I doubt that google and amazon would get into such a relationship or that the U.S. court of Justice would allow suchh a big merger.

Another critical assumption is whether the information brought to the net has any value at all. Of coures, there are a lot political, economic and other blogs on society and culture and news, but still they sometimes are completely opposite and there is no guarantee whether they have an professional meaning anyway. So, I'd doubt that print media would cease to exist, because you always could set on them to have at least a bit of a profesional sense about them.

Another question would be, whether we are willing to give up so much privacy to forward this world?