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Jun 15, 2009 12:49 am


CNN producer: Students saying WITHOUT g to OBAMA's help they are doomed. These are cries for help. Some were found on the BBC and others were left on Jerusalem Post. Will the world listen and respond? Will our president?

Arya Diba, Tehran, Iran:

Today Iranians taste the bitterness of tyranny and dictatorship more than ever. This election is definitely infected by fraud. There was unprecedented turn out just because many people hoped to get rid of Ahmadinejad. The world must know the result is not what Iranians wanted. Meanwhile this morning the BBC is suddenly blocked!:S I'm accessing this page via a proxy.

Ali, Tehran:

There is a consensus that elections here were rigged and this is would be the first phase of a coup by IRGC. Bloody purges are b underway. please support the iranian people in ayway you can.

We need your help now more than ever.

Morteza, shiraz:

Please post my comment. The election has been massively rigged by the ruling government. all the people voted for reformists. They wrote Mousavi on the ballots but the authorities read the ballots Ahmadinejad. A velvet coup is going on. Text message service is not working, internet is disconected in some cities, anti-riot police is battering people with batons, and most probably Karoubi and Mousavi are under home arrest. Please reflect what is going on in the streets of Tehran.

Sirwan, Tehran:

Hey world! this is NOT our president. we want you all to know, don't call him President, don't let him come to your country, don't invite him to meetings, here a Kudeta has happened by regime, here mas of fakes has happened in the election, the condition is extremely fragile and people are so angry. Current situation in Iran on Saturday night: Cell phone network is down. Facebook, Youtube, and news websites are censored (filtered) and police agents are beating people in streets.

Reza - Iran:

I see demonstrators carrying Death to Khamenei signs in the streets of Tabriz Some are setting government buildings on fire. Police are staying back some have even joined the demonstrators. This is happening all across the country.

Son of an Iranian diplomat - Iran:

54. The world must stand swiftly aside the Iranian people! This opportunity must not be lost! Immediately boycott the regime and they are gone for good! Support the Iranian people by calling for your governments to boycott this regime! It could be the first time in history in a globalised world, where people from all over the world can get rid of evil collectively! Mousavi and the others need international support in order to courageously confront Khamenei! This is a great opportunity!

Minoo - Iran:

WE TOLD YOU SO. This is the truth about Iran. To think the mullahs would allow the public to brush them aside through"democratic means" is insane. The Islamic Republic is incapable of reform and the ONLY solution for Iran is REGIME CHANGE. We do not need war or sanctions only REGIME CHANGE. The Iranian people showed the world they are ready for change through civilized means. We appeal to the people through out the world, the deceitful government of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad should not be recognized by the international community.WE WANT TO BE FREE.

More here and pictures here. The protest has moved to other cities such as Shiraz (see picture) and Tabriz.

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