Dec 15, 2004 12:51 pm


Iranians are speaking out but sometimeS only in Farsi. Pouya is a case in point. I discovered his amazing flash on the problem of domestic violence on the Persian Journal's most useful women's page And asked another outspoken and politically aware Iranian, Frieda, to translate. Frieda not only provided me with a translation but put me in touch with Pouya who was delighted with my interest in his work and directed me to yet his flash on child labor (including in Iran) and translated the text for me. So, here are the websites and translations followed by more comments on the subject - 1. This one is the flash on domestic violence . Here is the translation:

Her tearless cries would pain anyone. With sweat on her face she says:"My husband is a simple worker. We have seven children. He is an angry and heartless man. We have been married for ten years and he has been beating me all along. But this last time it was pretty severe. He left me with broken ribs and bruised legs."

When she lifts up her dress a big fresh scar appears with blood all around it. This is not another boring topic. This is a problem that has rooted in our families and society. This is a painful reality!!

Women are the silent victims of physical abuse which is being forced on them by the society, family and even themselves.

Anger against women in our society has become a behavior. And therefore men disregard calling this abusive behavior as an act of anger. On the other hand, women themselves have accepted this act as a norm also. That is why they repeatedly try to come up with acceptable reasons to justify this savage behavior.

My reason for creating this dialog is to get the publics attention to this human and social disease. Anger against women has a broader perspective that I could not simply cover it all with my short dialog. For example; the way it affects the children of these families or the unjustified serial killing of the hookers, or killing of the wives who have not been faithful. These are some examples of anger against women that I have not covered here.

This abusive behavior also destroys the victims’ soul. Unfortunately, because of our society and culture these women keep silent and the problem does not leave their surrounding walls. At the end it either kills their spirit or it becomes a flame that suck the victim in with all her physical and emotional pain.

For the flash on Child labor, click . Note note the Iranian statistics -

Of every 100 children in the world today ...16 are child laborers

12 are in the worst, most inhuman conditions

There are more than 246,000,000 child labourers in the world today

Most are in the developing countries

186,000,000 are under 15

There are more than 7,000,000 child labourers between 10 and 14 in our country [Iran]

1/4th of Iranian family income is coming from child labor

170,000,000 child labourers do the most hazardous work: Operating dangerous machinery, Working on farms, In mines and with carpet fabrics, Working 13 - 14 hours a day, Breathing noxious fumes, Working with dangerous chemicals. More than 8,000,000 of these children are trapped by its most abhorrent forms ...Slavery, War,Prostitution

Of 100 child labourers in the world today ...

More than half will never escape poverty

What can WE do to change the situation?

Raise awareness about child labors

Support efforts and participate in the NGOs to stop child labor

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