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Jun 6, 2009 5:21 am

Weak Endnotes

Barbara Graziosi reviews Robin Waterfield's Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths for the THES, 4 June.

Holland Cotter,"Putting ‘Primitive' to Rest," NYT, 4 June, reviews"African and Oceanic Art From the Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva: A Legacy of Collecting," an exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At Legal History, Sally Greene is doing a series of posts on newly discovered archival evidence on the case of State v Mann (1829). A major case in American slave law, it starkly held that a master's authority is absolute.

Volume XI of the Journal of Southern Religion is online! It publishes Kelly Baker, Ed Blum, Fitzhugh Brundage, Anthea Butler, Wayne Flynt, Charles Irons, Randall Stephens and many other historians.

Ian Sansom,"Hucksters, mavericks and visionaries," Guardian, 6 June, reviews Helen Carr's The Verse Revolutionaries: Ezra Pound, HD and the Imagists.

Max Hastings reviews Matthew Cobb's The resistance: The French Fight Against the Nazis for London's Sunday Times, 7 June.

Paul Tankard reviews William Gray's Fantasy, Myth and the Measure of Truth: Tales of Pullman, Lewis, Tolkien, MacDonald and Hoffmann for the THES, 4 June.

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