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Aug 15, 2009 9:27 am

World War II and All That

On May 27, Mark Brady posted a comment ,"Where Did It All Go Wrong?" suggesting that World War II might have been averted if Great Britain had not taken actions such as following"a League of Nations agenda, antagonising Japan and Italy, keeping the Soviet Union at arms length."

Well, my head is spinning. It could be the wine at dinner, but, rather, I suspect it is trying to read the emotional and combative reactions in the" comments" section.

The topic is provocative and worthy of reaction. But as David Beito encouraged us to do, next time could we bring such comments into the"open"? It would be better to engage in conversation that all can conveniently read. When one's response to controversial statements is encased in a section that is specialized and difficult to reach (well, lengthy scrolling may not be difficult but surely it reduces readership), the commentators are likely to be less thoughtful, more antagonistic, and even less logical.

So I encourage commentators to be generous -- share your views with all. Simply respond in a new post.

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Jeff Riggenbach - 6/5/2009

Perhaps you haven't noticed that not everyone who comments on the posts here is empowered to create a new post of his or her own?