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Aug 16, 2009 11:12 am

Drug Cartel Intimidation

Not too long ago then Speaker of House Dennis Hastert rightfully earned the scorn of many clear thinking people when he suggested that drug law reformer George Soros was funded by the drug cartels. Recent events in Mexico are demonstrating just how far from rational an American politician can go on the subject of drug policy. The Drug War Chronicleis reporting that members and candidates of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) are being subject to violent attacks. The SDP Party Chairman Jose Carlos Diaz Cuervo believes this is happening because the party’s platform strongly calls for the legalization of drugs. He asserts that, "doubtless, unlike the federal government, it appears the drug traffickers do understand that the regulation of that market would take the business away from them and would be a more intelligent way to combat them."

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Justin Bowen - 6/1/2009

I'm reminded of Bruce Yandle's theory about bootleggers and Baptists wherein he explained how these seemingly unrelated and diametrically-opposed groups shared a common interest: the enforcement and prolongation of Prohibition.