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Nov 28, 2004 6:23 pm

Henry Hazlitt

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Roderick T. Long - 11/29/2004

There's a bug in the way the comments section ahndles URLs, but one can get around it via HTML coding. Here are Steven's URLs again:

Hazlitt's Foundations of Morality:;parentid=&stocknumber=PH6243&page=1&itemsperpage=24

Leland Yeager's Ethics as Social Science:;parentid=&stocknumber=PH8451&page=1&itemsperpage=24

By the way, I've done a book review of Yeager's book here:

Sheldon Richman - 11/28/2004

The November issue of The Freeman is dedicated to Henry Hazlitt. You can see selected articles here. Contributors include Richard Ebeling, David Henderson, Don Boudreaux, Bettina Bien Greaves, Jude Blanchette, Charles Baird, and yours truly. There are also some articles by Hazlitt, including his never-published recollections about the first Mont Pelerin Society meeting.

Steven Horwitz - 11/28/2004

Thanks for that post David. I think you are right on about HH, perhaps the most undervalued contributor to the libertarian revival this century. I would also recommend his *Foundations of Morality* as one of his really important contributions. It's not going to be a Randian's cup of tea, but it makes a very powerful and different moral case for the market. Check it out here:;parentid=&stocknumber=PH6243&page=1&itemsperpage=24

Interested readers might also check out Leland Yeager's *Ethics as Social Science* for a more recent version of a similar argument:;parentid=&stocknumber=PH8451&page=1&itemsperpage=24