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May 27, 2009 11:13 am


Tamil tigers, the inventers of suicide bombings, DEFEATED. A military solution to a ruthless, bloody insurgency. What do you know?

A definitive result in India's elections. Congress wins. Left defeated - big time. Beleive it or not, DEMORCACY WORKS. Indian stock markets so hot it had to be turned of. Time for the Obama administration to stop ignoring India.

Women elected to parliament in Muslim Kuwait. Islamists defeated! Again, Democracy works and do not let Mubarak tell you otherwise.

First meeting between Netanyahu and Obama end as well as could have been expected:"President Obama won't put an"artificial deadline" on Iran's abandoning its nuclear weapons program but said Monday that the Islamic Republic's obtaining a nuclear weapon would be not only a threat to Israel and the U.S. but would be"profoundly destabilizing" to the rest of the world." Now what?

Maybe Netanyahu will be present at the coronation of the first Jewish"American Idol," Adam Lambert. Here he is singing the Prayer in English and Hebrew. The fact that no one raised the issue of his Judaism in encouraging.

UPDATE: No Jewish idol. Adam was simply"too much" not to unite the opposition. Ayn Rand would have understood. Plus ca change . . . An opera singer and voice teacher says that musically Adam is indeed far superior.

AT&T helped sway Idol win to Kris

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