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Oct 22, 2004 11:17 am

Why Ike Had It Easy in Korea

If, as now appears possible, John Kerry wins, what does he do about Iraq?

One thought occurs to me.

He will have a harder time cleaning up Bush's mess than Ike had with Truman's in Korea.

Ike was able to settle the Korean War in six months by threatening the use of nukes. His threats were taken seriously, even though he had personally opposed the dropping of the bomb on Japan.

Kerry cannot threaten to use nukes in the Iraq war, for many obvious reasons (#1: Where would he drop them? On Falluja? Say good-bye to Middle East oil. Say hello to the mother-of-all Clash of Civilizations.)

I just thought this was worth pointing out.

Now I happen to think Ike was the greatest post-war president. But the solution he employed in 1953 is not available in 2004.

So what would Ike do in these circumstances?

I have no idea.

Anybody out there think they know?

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