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Oct 22, 2004 11:14 am

Jimmy Carter, Revolutionary War Historian?

Tom Bruscino, at his blog, taking Jimmy Carter to task for misstatements made about the Revolutionary War on Chris Matthews's show, "Hardball":

MATTHEWS: "Do you see any parallels between the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?"

CARTER: "Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War more than any other war until recently has been the most bloody war we've fought."

Check these numbers on Casualties ....:

In Iraq we have lost roughly 1,000 troops in eighteen or nineteen months, 55-65 troops killed per month. The death percentage of total troops even in theater is well less than one percent, and the casualty rate is tiny, too.

So where is Carter wrong? oh yeah, just about everywhere. More Americans have been killed in action per month in every war except the Revolution and the war in Iraq.

This is the guy people think was one of our smartest presidents. I'm sorry, that statement is so un-freaking-believably dumb that it should end any discussion of how smart Jimmy Carter is. Throw out everything else, even an idiot should know that the Civil War was more bloody than the Revolution, by any standard.

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Tom Bruscino - 8/4/2005

Excuse me? If he's too old to be cogent, he shouldn't be doing interviews. If he has had no historical training then he shouldn't make historical analogies.

There is nothing remotely partisan about the post. But if you have a problem with my work being on this forum, talk to the editor, because I did not put it here.

Seth Cable Tubman - 5/11/2005

Give the guy a break you idiot. He's 80 years old and never had formal historical training. Quit using this forum for partisan potshots.