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Oct 20, 2004 9:03 am

Who's your heavenly father?

Even though the outcome was not to my liking, it must be conceded that Curt Schilling turned in some quality work last night. But what was especially infuriating was his attributing his performance to divine intervention."Tonight God did something amazing for me. I just prayed for the opportunity to go out there and compete, and he did it for me." Oh, I see: God doesn't intervene prevent genocides, because of the whole free will thing, but he will intervene in baseball games. Please. I was all set to praise Schilling's determination, strength of character, mental toughness, and so on, but apparently it wasn't about that.

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Roderick T. Long - 10/21/2004

Are you saying Rand was a Red? I always suspected that was the message of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical....

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 10/20/2004

... on the other hand, there are many reasons why "curses" have ways of working their "magic," not the least of which is psychological internalization by those who accept them.

The Yanks may lose ... anything is possible. Geez, even the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yanks (once) in October. And a collapse by the Yankees, who were up 3-0, in a 7-game series would be horrific, and long-remembered.

But let's not forget: Today is Mickey Mantle's Birthday. :)

M.D. Fulwiler - 10/20/2004

Yes, it does make me cringe when people imagine God intervenes in baseball games, but you have to congratulate the Red Sox for an amazing comeback so far. Still, this may turn out to be the most cruel tease in the team's history. And as Chris says, the curse doesn't end until they WIN the World Series.

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 10/20/2004

Aeon suggested to me, offlist, that the obvious organic connection is that Rand would have been RED with anger over any suggestion that Schilling's success came from God. :)

Now that's dialectical. :)

Roderick T. Long - 10/20/2004

Well, no doubt if one brings in enough context one will find an internal relation between Rand scholarship and the Red Sox .... :-)

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 10/20/2004

I have no clue why or how "Rand scholarship" got to be the title... but this is about another "RS": RED SOX. :)

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 10/20/2004

JESUS CHRIST. hehehe... no pun intended. Schilling should have won an Oscar: that's what they say when they get the award, as if God hated all the other contenders.

BTW, did you see that BLOODY SOCK of Schilling's? The guy plays with a stitched ankle, and he's bleeding from his foot ... hmmm... maybe there is a religious subtext here. Anyway, he's bleeding from his foot. Now, I remember when Tommy Lasorda said that he bleeds Dodger Blue and I've heard people say they bleed Yankee Pinstripes... but BLEEDING RED SOX! Damn. That's what I call wearing one's heart on one's ... socks.

Anyway, it's been an insane ALCS. It's now do or die. GO YANKS!! And since we're being all spiritualist and such: BRING ON THE BAMBINO! (And don't forget, Red Sox Nation, that the Curse of the Bambino is not vanquished until or unless you take a World Series title. If that happens, all things are possible. Even the Chicago Cubs ... If it doesn't happen, chants of "1918" at The Stadium are not likely to cease any time soon...)