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Aug 24, 2009 8:39 am

John Paul Jones, Drummer Boy

Biking on my way to work this morning I stopped at an IGA to pick up salads for lunch this week. Usually, this is a task that takes so little time and effort that I don't bother to disconnect the earphones to my iPhone, which I use to listen to audio books.

This day was no different except that the cashier, a kid of about 20 or so, actually spoke to me. I pulled out the earphone to hear better and was astounded to find out that what had compelled him to break the usual silence was my jacket. It's a standard issue jacket I picked up as a tourist on a trip aboard the USS John Paul Jones, which is based near Seattle. On the left side is the ship's symbol along with the name.

"Say, is that for John Paul Jones, the Led Zeplin drummer?" he asked.

I looked back in wonder.


I was polite and told him it was named after John Paul Jones, the famous seaman who reportedly said,"I have not yet begun to fight!"

He shrugged. He'd never heard of this John Paul Jones.

As I exited I said that the drummer was probably named after the seaman. He gave me a half smile. I don't know what he was thinking. Maybe he agreed. Or maybe it all went by too fast.

E.D. Hirsch. You're still relevant.

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HNN - 4/30/2009

Glad to spread the word about JD Hirsch.

Michael - 4/28/2009

Professor Hirsch is my educational hero. I use his books, and his philosophy, in my classroom each and every day. Knowledge is power.

David Southworth - 4/28/2009

...was the bass player for Led Zepelin

Jonathan Dresner - 4/27/2009

I had to look up E.D. Hirsch....

I never learned JP Jones in school myself, but I never took a Revolutionary course.

Seems to me that people used to quote him more. Seven word phrases seem to be too long for our cultural memory these days.