Apr 23, 2009 2:35 pm


Iran to hold a"human rights conference." I am sure it will be even"better" than Durban II currently held in Geneva. In any case, I suggest it be moved to the Evin prison where journalist Roxana Saberi who was arrested for buying a bottle of wine only to be found guilty for spying has just gone on a hunger strike. The foolish girl thought her American citizenship will protect her in the Obama era! Let's hope her fate will not be that of Canadian journalist Sahra Kazemi and blogger Omid Mirsayafi both of whom died in Evin.

The Uighurs, in their own words admit to being trained by Al Qaeda associate. To protect them from China, the Obama administration wishes to release them from Guantanamo and resettle them in your neighborhood or mine. After all, we must do all we can to help China maintain its serendipitous free ridership. Hence, helping Uighurs to redirect their terror plots from China to the US must be in our national interest. After all, "China Uses Global Crisis to Assert Its Influence: Along With Aid to Other Nations, Beijing Offers Up Criticism of the West."

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