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Oct 12, 2004 2:33 pm

Michael Moore goes to Middle-Earth

This hilarious short film spoof "Fellowship 9/11" is well worth the 12 minutes or so. (Via Fark)

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Charles Johnson - 10/12/2004

I'm a bit baffled by the film, since, while it is an apparent attempt to rag on Michael Moore, it provides a much more devastating critique of the war and its supporters than it does Michael Moore.

If George Bush *were* personally going into battle to lead the fight against an army of vile, inhuman goblins directed by the unholy power of a Dark Lord bent on the desolation and domination of the whole of the Earth, and in the process of launching a massive assault on all the strongholds of the civilized world, then I don't doubt that Michael Moore would not have had quite the same objections to his policies.

Do warhawks actually see the world like this? Much of their rhetoric outside of this silly little film seems to suggest it. If so, it would be funny, except for all of the people who have died because of their childish conception of the world.