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Oct 11, 2004 11:48 am

The Bulge continued

Isn't it much more likely that the "bulge" is some sort of personal protection vest? I would think that any time the president is out in public that he's wearing Kevlar or some such thing, and the debate would be no exception. I have no doubt that Rove et. al would love to be able to push words at W, but to attempt that in the most public of forums with hundreds of cameras and millions of viewers seems to involve a degree of stupidity that runs in contrast to the "evil genius" persona that Bush-haters attribute to Rove.

To be honest, this whole bulge flap (sounds like a body part on some sea creature...) seems to be an instance of what Charles Krauthammer has called "Bush Derangement Syndrome." BDS is when otherwise sensible rational people are driven to preposterous claims about Bush as a result of their, perhaps understandable, hatred of the man. All comparisons of Bush to Hitler, in my book, qualify as BDS symptoms.

UPDATE: Or maybe the bulge is this. (Hat tip to ScrappleFace.)

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