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Apr 22, 2009 11:18 am

Taking Tickets: Sign Up Now for a Trip to Libra, Gliese 581 d

Rumors have it that John Galt, irritated at the direction of things here on Earth, is no longer interested in stopping the motor of this planet, but is planning an Expedition to a newly discovered planet that has many of the same climate and geographic characteristics as Earth. This appears to be the initial discovery of such a planet, and, as Galt noted, “This gives us the first opportunity to leave this wretched place that we Objectivists have basically found objectionable, anyway.”

As one scientist observed,"It (Gliese 581 e) is the first serious 'water-world' candidate." Galt is really excited about the oceans there, since Piracy is now back in vogue again, and this means his buddy, Ragnar Danneskjöld, will be free to roam the seas of the new Planet in search of prey.

Another scientist stated that the planet “was in the prime habitable zone for potential life.” In an interview Galt said, he didn’t like the undistinguished name, “Gliese 581 e,” and had thought about changing its name to “Rand,” after his creator, whom some Objectivist followers think of as something of a Goddess. When reminded that astronomers like to add numbers, etc., to these discoveries, Galt settled on the name “Rand Jan16,” after her play, “Night of January 16th.”

*Author’s disclosure – William Marina was born January 16th, but his Mother was not the forenamed, Goddess.

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