Apr 21, 2009 1:03 pm


Holocaust memorial day is not my favorite day of the week. The dreary weather only made it worse. So, I did what I often do - escape to the local B&N. There, amongst the best selling new non fiction, I came across an unusual book written by an evangelical minister called Perry Stone. It is not the kind of reading material I usually pick up. But this time I did and was positively surprised. The man is not only knowledgeable about Judaism, explains it well to his fellow Christians but he is a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people. His premis: The secret of Jewish success is to be found in the Biblical commandments and maxims. Indeed, G-d hold Jews more accountable because they should know better. The book's central argument is that Christians could benefit from learning from those Biblical guidelines.

Maybe one day a leading Muslim cleric will write a similar book. Who know? Greater miracles have happened.

In the meantime, thank you Rev. Stone for making me feel better on Holocaust day. I could not forget the role Christianity played in historical antisemitism. The fact that it could come such a long way cannot but give one hope.

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