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Oct 6, 2004 8:55 am

Looks good on you, though

Rodney Dangerfield has died. As the obit mentions, he was a “one-liner comic of the old school,” so his comedic gifts were sometimes lost on younger audiences, although his performance in the legendary Caddyshack offset this to a large degree. What is often overlooked is his eye for new talent. He gave important spotlight opportunities to Robert Schimmel, Andrew Dice Clay, Carole Leifer, Bill Hicks, Dom Irrera, Lenny Clarke, Barry Sobel, Bill Maher, Sam Kinison, Jerry Seinfeld.

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Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 10/6/2004

On "Not a Blog," I tell a little story about Rodney and my sister-in-law, singer Joanne Barry, who appeared at Dangerfield's club some years ago. Yep, he'll be missed big-time.

Aeon J. Skoble - 10/6/2004

Didn't know about that one - thanks!

Keith Halderman - 10/6/2004

I forgot to add my all time favorite Rodney Dangerfield joke. Even when I was a kid I got no respect. For my birthday my father bought me a dart board with an automatic return.

Keith Halderman - 10/6/2004

The first time I saw Robin Williams was on a young comedians special hosted by Mr. Dangerfield.

Steven Horwitz - 10/6/2004

Yup, he will be missed. So many classic lines in "Caddyshack." I'll stick with "Nice kid. Cute kid... now I know why tigers eat their young." or "Hey Wang, this is a restricted club.... don't tell 'em you're Jewish."