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Oct 4, 2004 10:21 pm

Madness Below, Sanity Above

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

In South Korea, protestors are taking to the streets and clashing with cops. (See here and here.) What's the reason for all this anti-state activity? The protestors want to stop the government from repealing a law banning ... anti-state activity. (Y'see, the protestors were engaging in right-wing anti-state activity in order to force the government to keep prohibiting left-wing anti-state activity, so it all makes sense. Sort of. Oh yeah, and apparently left-wing anti-state activity includes propaganda on behalf of South Korea's friendly totalitarian neighbour North Korea. Which surely strains the concept of"anti-state," but whatever.)

Meanwhile, in a saner universe: Congratulations to SpaceShipOne for completing two private space flights in succession, thereby winning the X Prize and, more importantly, laying the groundwork (spacework?) for a future of peaceful commerce, rational minds, and venturing spirits. (Check out this delightful parable on the insanity of governmental space research.) Earth is going to be a much nicer place to live once it has to face actual competition.

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