Oct 4, 2004 6:50 pm


When all is said and done, the choice facing the American people is no different from the choice which faced Israel and Spain during their last elections: Will they do what it takes to defeat a culture of death and hate which has declared war on their country or will they back down to appease the attacker and their global sympathizers? Are they going to chose a leader who will put their interest first or the one popular with their critics? In other words, will they chose Ariel Sharon or Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero? George W. Bush or John Kerry ?

If you do not believe the elections will make a real difference, just answer the following question: Have pre-election terrorist attacks around the world been more common before the Spanish elections or after it?

If last night's instant polls are the guide, Americans lean towards the Israeli position. The majority of the American people candidly admitted that Kerry won the debate but not that he is the most suitable commander in chief.

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