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Oct 1, 2004 4:50 am

Imperial Corporate Welfare

As Washington DC politicians negotiate with the Major League Baseball cartel about a new team for the digestive bowel of the Empire, offering bonds and taxes for a $440 million new stadium, the Pentagon plays its own version of Corporatist fraud, let's call it"Cheney Ball."

Charles Lewis' Center for Public Integrity continues to expose the billions of fraud, as detailed in a recent report:

Since 1998, 40% of the Pentagon's contracts have been awarded without bidding, over $362 billion, with only one contractor in the top ten winning more than half its dollars in competitive bidding.

Halliburton and Boeing remain under investigation in this regard, but does anyone seriously believe that someone in Government or within any of these Corporations will see as much by way of fines or jail time as has Martha Stewart?

She was, of course a"Scape Goat for Empire," to borrow the title of the book on which the Australian movie of several decades ago,"Breaker Morant," was based.

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