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Sep 30, 2004 10:50 am

What I'd Like John Kerry to Say

We all know what a disaster our intervention in Iraq has been. We went in under false pretenses to attack a dictator primarily so that our president could work out some psychological issues with his father and satisfy his family's long standing ties to the Saudi's. At best the administration aggressively inflated innuendo to fact in order to make a case they thought was the right one; at worst they flat out lied to us.

Still, what's done it done. We're in this mess, and I have a solution to the problem. First, we've got to realize that Iraq, as a country, need not exist. The Soviets broke up, and it seems to me that holding a group of people together just to maintain a country makes no sense. So I propose we allow Iraq to break up into three separate countries. Borders will be drawn by Iraqis themselves, not us. We'll help pay for moving people around, we'll even help pay for homes that might be lost and other costs. But after that's completed, and the Balkans gives us some illustration of that how long that should take, we're gone.

My plan gives the U.S. and it's Allies an attainable goal, which this administration does not have. It also shows that we will listen to the calls from the Muslim world for the right of self-expression since it's pretty clear that the Sunnis don't want to have a Western style democracy. That's fine; they'll pay for it through lower economic growth compared to the Kurds. But in the end what I propose makes American safer, the Arab world happier, and our failed mission there slightly more noble.

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