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Sep 29, 2004 11:07 am

Socrates would vomit

Several of my colleagues are trying to promote political awareness by encouraging students to watch the upcoming presidential "debates." Just so we're all clear on this, there actually won't be any debates between the presidential candidates. They will be taking turns delivering mini-speeches they've prepared in response to questions they know they'll be asked. They will not actually "discuss with" or "debate" each other at all. Neither will ask the other a single question. Calling this a debate ought to violate truth-in-advertising laws. Why the media is complicit in this debasement of political discourse is beyond me. Wait, no it isn't.

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Max Schwing - 9/30/2004

It'd be funny, if one of the candidates (I'd think Kerry could do it) tried to directly address his opponent with a spontaneous question. I'd bet it could help Kerry to show that his rival is unable to form complete sentences in response.

But, heh, such things will never happen in this highly polished TV-debates.

Wayne VanDeveer - 9/29/2004

Yes, yes, yes. It drives me mad when I hear all this B.S. about "debates" and who will "win". When will the public demand that candidates actually answer real questions from real reporters? This should be the focus of the media in covering these mock "debates", but of course it will be all about hairs styles and who "looks" presidential. We do get the government we deserve