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Aug 21, 2009 12:27 am

Thought for the Day

Atheist Brendan O'Neill explains why he"would far rather go back to the little church in north London this weekend and listen to the priest talk about 'love' and 'redemption' than watch or read or listen to any more shrill New Atheist propaganda."

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Crawdad - 4/12/2009

As a non-militant nonbeliever I would have to say I agree. I actually do see a place for religion for individuals who think they need it.

Most religious people I've known were a lot more humble and mild in their temper than the religious atheists I've come across. Often, atheists are as dogmatic, if not more so than the people who go to church. At least, that's been my experience.

Lester Hunt - 4/12/2009

Seriously, though, the less shrill ones do have a point.