Sep 23, 2004 5:29 pm


The whole world is watching. Three recent moves by France and the EU seems to suggest that Chirac for one decided that Bush will probably win the next elections and therefore it is time to mend fences -

1. - An agreement by NATO ambassadors to send some 300 military instructors to train Iraqi security forces was termed"satisfactory" by France and a"major step" by the U.S.

The agreement was reached in Brussels on Wednesday after days of negotiations on the size and scope of the mission".

2."In the previous redeployments Syrian troops were totally evacuated from Beirut and parts of the northern and Mount Lebanon areas.

The largest number of Syrian troops are deployed in the Bekaa Valley in the east of the country, near the common border.

France and the United States sponsored UN Security Council Resolution 1559, adopted on September 3, that called for the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Lebanon and respect for its sovereignty.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is expected to report next month on compliance with the resolution, which also demanded the disarming of militias in Lebanon".

3.Iran expressed alarm at the European stance during the meetings, accusing the Euro3 of breaking the October 2003 accord on Iran's cooperation and of failing to deliver on their commitment to the Islamic Republic to close Iran's dossier at the IAEA's board meeting.

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