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Sep 17, 2004 7:29 pm


PajamaGate is 60 Minutes' imprudent response to the fact that bloggers were the ones to break the news that the memos it aired on Bush's non-service may well be frauds. Jeff from the Beautiful Atrocities site writes,"This week, CBS News found itself up to its sphincter in a journalistic quagmire that threatened to annihilate any confidence the public had in it. Responding to questions about some memo kerfuffle, former 60 Minutes news exec Jonathon Klein urinated on the blogosphere, splattering your average blogger as `a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing'." Jeff then goes on to include a list of what popular bloggers actually have on and with them while composing entries. For example, Miss O'Hara sports a"Chlorophyll-green charmeuse split-skirt frock with Mandarin collar; Sheer Caress control-top pantyhose; Bible." The Politburo composes with a"Kim Jong II leisure suit with Elton glasses; Angela Davis power afro wig; ration card." Quite apart from the guffaws, Jeff's article also offers links to some of the most interesting and popular blogs out there.

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