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Aug 20, 2009 11:33 pm

Robert Higgs on C-Span (12 Noon)

Last minute reminder. The great economic historian, Robert Higgs, will appear today at 12:00 noon (eastern) for three hours on C-SPAN. For details, see here.

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RickC - 4/5/2009

Completely agree on every point. I was about half convinced that several callers and e-mailers weren't listening very well, if at all. Most of them basically asked the same question over and over.

Keith Halderman - 4/5/2009

I concur, absolutely great job, especially when it came to countering the myth that government somehow serves and protects the poor.

RJ Sestack - 4/5/2009

Wow, the interview with Dr. Higgs certainly validates the “great” that Professor Beito used to describe him. For anyone who missed it, it is well worth watching. Dr. Higgs was as usual extremely intelligent, informative, and articulate, but here we get to see him interact with callers of varying views. It was quite entertaining. Particularly noteworthy was how he responded with equanimity & intellectual force when confronted by hostile callers and with probing and accusatory questions. The metaphor he used in answering a hypothetical question about returning a Social Security check was absolutely brilliant.