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Sep 14, 2004 5:40 am

Two Things of Beauty and a Farewell, For Now ...

There are moments when I am left speechless by the loving intelligence that creates and leaves beauty in the net's rubble. Lest you otherwise miss them, I recommend that you have a look at:

Belle Waring's"Some Reflections on September 11" at Crooked Timber; and
Brandon at Siris's posting of the"Philosophers' Carnival, II."
Awesome. Work.

The Volokh Conspiracy's Jacob Levy announces his leave of absence to concentrate on research. His thoughtful, humane voice will be missed. In his last post, Levy laments the polarization and heightened tensions that have made the internet more like talk radio and less like a faculty seminar. He will be sorely missed and we look forward to his return. See also: Will Baude at Crescat Sententia and Josh Chafetz at Oxblog.

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