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Sep 8, 2004 7:21 pm


Well, anyone who wonders whether DeGaulle has succeeded in remaking France in his own courageous self or does it remain the subservient land of Vishi has just gotten its answer. The French government responded to the kidnapping of it reporters by wining"but we oppose the Americans, have no interest in promoting democracy and we continue to support Sunni dominance of the region." -

French TV happily reported on the support France received from Arafat and Hammas spokesperson.

Liberation explains that"the truly exceptional commitment" shown by many Middle East leaders"not generally known for their humanitarian activism" to the bid to save the hostages, reflects"their intention to accord special treatment to France".

"For a France who opposed the USA's war in Iraq," the paper notes,"this would be a huge victory."

France's"influence in the region", it argues,"is also at stake in the negotiations for the two hostages' release".

Germany's Die Tageszeitung notes that France has received more support from the Muslim and Arab world than has been the case in any other hostage case in Iraq.

"Paris can be proud of this sympathy," the paper says, arguing that this is the fruit of half a century of French diplomacy.

In other words, appeasement is working. When the"hostage takers" delayed releasing the journalists and asked for 5 million dollars - the French TV expressed its doubts about the authenticity of the demand. Angry Italians let it be known that French help to Saddam included embarassing the intelligence services of Italy,Britain and the US by proving them with forged documents regarding Iraq's attempt to by 'yellow cake" from Niger.

Indeed, to insure continued Islamist good will, France dissed its Russian ally by taking the side of the Baslan child killers -

The French prime minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, told a radio debate that France wanted to express solidarity"but also ... want to have all the necessary information and we remind Russia every time we meet of the need to respect human rights".

Who knows, perhaps the French will succeed where the Russians failed? After all, they too helped Saddam!

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