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Aug 15, 2009 9:25 am

What is Capitalism? (1948)

This isn't too bad (despite the hokiness). In fact, the ideas expressed in this video might now be considered downright subversive in some quarters.

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Richard - 3/25/2009

Considering that everything you need to survive on this (God given earth) is withheld from you by the government, i.e. Land, transportation, water, housing, etc... Until you pay through the nose for it. I would have to say we live in a slave like parasitic form of capitalism. Everyone is born into this slave system so it seems moral and ethical to them. People cannot stand back and see that they are being used by those in authority to gather riches and power over the nations on the sore backs of the American public. You are completely manipulated into the system by force to feed and clothe yourself while your profits are skimmed off via taxes and the use of depreciated fiat money. It’s like a thousand ticks slowly sucking the lifeblood from the hound that does not mind because all hounds have had them since birth and have no concept of what a truly free capitalistic society would be like.

dnj - 3/24/2009

do these "rights" of freedom of contract and to own private property really come to us or are made possible by government? doesn't seem consistent to me to think so.