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Aug 29, 2004 10:47 pm

Questions You Never Thought to Ask

I think this is a game that would be a lot of fun to play:

Having failed to find banned weapons in Iraq, the CIA is preparing a final report on its search that will speculate on what the deposed regime's capabilities might have looked like years from now if left unchecked, according to congressional and intelligence officials.

The CIA plans for the report, due next month, to project as far as 2008 what Iraq might have achieved in its illegal weapons programs if the United States had not invaded the country last year, the officials said.

The new direction of the inquiry is seen by some officials as an attempt to obscure the fact that no banned weapons — or even evidence of active programs — have been found, and instead emphasize theories that Iraq may have been planning to revive its programs.

But wouldn't you know that one of those Democrats is just being a killjoy about the whole thing:
Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice) protested the decision in a sharply worded letter to acting CIA Director John E. McLaughlin last week. Trying to forecast Iraq's weapons capabilities four years into the future would be,"by definition, highly speculative" and"inconsistent with the original mission of the Iraq Survey Group," Harman wrote, according to a copy of the letter obtained by The Times.
Oh, don't be a poopyhead, Jane Harman! Don't you know how to have fun?

Okay, I want to play this very cool game. Some other questions you never thought to ask:

If you had never been born, what might you have achieved in your life by 2008? Bonus points if you can speculate about what your life might have looked like even farther into the future...say, 2015.

If America had never been discovered and the United States had never been founded, what would your life on this continent (which wouldn't have a name like it has because it had never been discovered, see?) now be like? Especially if you had never been born?

If humans had never evolved at all, what would you be now? And what might you have achieved by 2008 in your amoeba-like or whatever-it-would-be existence?

If the universe had never existed at all, what would be where the Earth is now? And what would you be? And where would you be? And how do you know?

Okay, you play now.

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