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Aug 26, 2004 6:50 pm

Naked Boys Singing! NOT

Some Republicans are not very happy campers over Dick Cheney's words of support for his lesbian daughter, which come, curiously, a few days before the GOP convention in NYC. Apparently, the federalist idea that marriage regulations should be decided on a state-by-state basis is just not appealing to those who seek a national, constitutional amendment defining the institution in strictly heterosexual terms.

Now comes word that the organizers of the Republican National Convention have nixed the discounts offered to delegates by NYC's tourist bureau to a popular, gay-friendly, off-Broadway play called Naked Boys Singing, a riotous, hilarious production I saw a few years back.

The organizers said 'thanks, but no thanks'; the play just does not"best suit our audience," exclaimed Leonardo Alcivar, GOP convention press secretary. Apparently, though, as a testament to the Big Tent that the GOP constitutes,"about a dozen people had bought tickets" to the play. These people used"the special code offered on the Web site," and the producers of the show said that these"tickets will [still] be honored."

Not sure if these dozen people constitute the wholeLog Cabin Republican contingent, but I'm glad to see that the Big Tent remains a Republican ideal.

I just wish the tourist bureau would have given theater discounts to all New Yorkers; as it is, we have to wait for the GOP to invade Madison Square Garden next week just to get a sales tax break!

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