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Aug 16, 2004 3:54 pm

The Productive Historian ...

Over on the HNN mainpage, Peter Sterns writes about"The Writing Life". While setting a remarkable example, Sterns is preaching to the choir, so far as my colleagues at Cliopatria and Rebunk are concerned. Jonathan Dresner's"Grade Inflation – Why It's a Nightmare," provoked considerable discussion at HNN and elsewhere on the net. KC Johnson has had a remarkable series of pieces, including two op-eds for History News Service,"What's A Convention For Any More?" and"Could We Postpone the Election – Even If We Wanted To?" which also appearedon HNN, and"The Not So Hidden Agenda of Global Studies." [Don't tell anyone that it first appeared on David Horowitz's FrontpageRag, er, FrontpageMag.] Derek Catsam's colleagues at Rebunk, Tom Bruscino and Stephen Tootle, make their debuts on HNN's mainpage this week with Bruscino's"Does America Usually Win the War But Lose the Peace?" and Tootle's"In the Shadow of William McKinley."

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Jonathan Dresner - 8/16/2004

Actually, I consider this summer to have been kind of a wash, in terms of productivity. A paper I'd delivered in draft form before was revised, re-presented, re-revised and ambitiously submitted to a field-leading journal. I wrote a book review. I didn't get a lot more than that done, academically speaking; now, having taken more time than I expected to get even that much done, I'm struggling to put my syllabi together.

As proud as I am of my blogging and commentaries, not a lot of people consider it 'productive' history.